Mizoram government's refusal to collect biometric data of refugees shows good judgement

The Mizoram government, which had earlier refused to close...

Rahul to visit Golden Temple amid Khaira row – Tribune India

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit...

Thousands Protest in Delhi Demanding Restoration of the Old Pension Scheme – The Wire

New Delhi: Thousands of government employees gathered at the...

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Aazaad Bharat Aazaad Naari | Independence Day Campaign Promoting Women Empowerment

Join us as we commemorate Independence Day with a renewed commitment to empower and uplift every woman in our nation. Read more

Empowering Women in Workforce: Career Opportunities, trends, and Challenges in 2023

By India Today Education Desk: When we talk about women's empowerment and the creation of job opportunities, we can say that India has come...

International Women's Day: Powerful women leaders share insights on their inspiring journey

New Delhi , March 7 (ANI/PNN): In this modern era of women empowerment, women are pursuing their aspirations and speaking up for themselves ... Read more

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