Asian Markets Mixed After US Avoids Government Shutdown | Barron's

Asian markets were mixed Monday after the US Congress...

India's Early Electronic Music From the '70s Is Finally Being Released

When the musician and artist Paul Purgas was invited...

HP to make Chromebooks in India in win for Modi's tech push – Yahoo Finance

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WebQoof Recap: Of Misinformation Around India-Canada Row, Rahul Gandhi & More

WebQoof Recap | From misinformation around India and Canada's diplomatic relations to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, Communal Claims from Rajasthan, ... Read more

No, 'Coolie' Badge Worn by Rahul Gandhi Did Not Carry '420' as Its Serial Number – The Quint

Fact-check | The viral photo showing '420' as coolie's badge number on Rahul Gandhi has been edited from '756' number. Gandhi dressed up as...

Clipped Video of Rahul Gandhi Speaking About Ramayana in Lok Sabha Goes Viral

Fact-check |The unclipped version of the video shows Congress leader Rahul Gandhi says that Lanka got burned because of Ravana's ego. Read more

Fact-Check: Did Manipur Congress President Blame Party For Violence in State?

Fact Check | Manipur Congress President did not write an open letter to Rahul Gandhi blaming the party for the current crisis in Manipur. Read...

Fact-Check: Fake News Clipping Shared To Claim Rahul is Not Rajiv Gandhi's Son

Fact-Check | A fabricated newspaper clipping is being shared to falsely claim that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is not the son of former Prime ... Read...

Fabricated Tweet From Joe Biden About Rahul Gandhi's US Visit Shared as Real

Fact-check | This screenshot is a fabricated one, President Joe Biden did not tweet anything about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visiting the USA. Read more

WebQoof Recap: Of Misinformation Around Ram Navami, Rahul Gandhi And More

WebQoof Recap: From misinformation around Ram Navami being celebrated by people to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi allegedly tearing up a 2013 ... Read more

Rahul Gandhi's 'Satta-Satya' Faux Pas Video Viral With Misleading Claim – The Quint

Fact-Check |Congress leader Rahul Gandhi misquoted 'Satya' as 'satta' but later corrected himself. He was quoting Mahatma Gandhi's statement about ... Read more

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India's Early Electronic Music From the '70s Is Finally Being Released

When the musician and artist Paul Purgas was invited...