Woman from West Bengal is fighting human trafficking by training other women to become …

A graduate and a trained beautician, Debnath is empowering...

India's top wrestlers hold off on protest against sexual harassment after community leaders intervene

Community leaders in India convinced the country's top wrestlers...

Joe Biden's green subsidy lures Total energy in $2bn blow to EU – The Telegraph

... Total has announced plans to build a $2bn...

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India, China and the problem of 4-2-1 | Mint

A steadily declining fertility rate and a growing working-age population give India some advantage.The median age of a Chinese is expected to be ... Read more

India overtakes China as the world's most populated country. What does it mean for the climate?

'A new economy for happiness': Here's how experts think India can grow sustainably as its population passes 1.41 billion people. Read more

Modi govt doesn't understand China's actual threat: Rahul Gandhi | Mint

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has criticised the NDA government, stating that Minister of External Affairs (MEA) S Jaishankar does not understand ... Read more

Japanese government offer families a million yen per child to leave Tokyo – The Week

This is the government's attempt to reverse the population decline in the regions. The incentive is a dramatic increase from the previous relocation ... Read more

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