Celebrity Author Rishav Banerjee is coming up with yet another international book with Architect Neha Chopra on 8th March 2021, “HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WOMEN.”

How to be a successful woman” is a famous International Book which is going to be assembled by Celebrity Rishav Banerjee with one of the best Influential Architect from India, Delhi and that’s none other than Architect Neha Chopra.

The book is going to acknowledge more than 50 Influential women from India and also it is coming up with their successful stories, and it’s especially going to be Internationally out on 8th of March, on the date of Women’s Day itself, and will be a hallmark of enthusiasm for the forthcoming generation and also for the thousands of other women.

And “LOVE IS LOVE” is also a dream edition which is compiled by LGBTQIA+ activist and famous International Author. RISHAV BANERJEE in collaboration with International Author and Social Activists LIV SMITH and ANCY ZERA HUNT EVERT STANLEY, representing USA and FRANCE respectively & also with WAYNE ADAM CUTFORH from the UNITED KINGDOM and DAVID STORDAL & JANESSA ROSE from CANADA & ALESSANDRA CIULLO from ITALY.

The famous International book “Love is Love” strives to showcase the struggles, both internal and external that the LGBTQIA+ community undergoes daily and people have participated in over 10 countries. The poems and short stories were compiled from various international authors who opened their perspectives and opinions on the beautiful notion that “LOVE IS LOVE”.

Love experienced in any form shall one day overcome the hate and oppression exercised on the rainbow-hued wings of many such individuals. “LOVE IS LOVE” is but just a stepping stone to a portal of beautiful stories and verses that bloomed within the extraordinary writers that took part in it. The seven compilers are proud to present the ethereal creation that has taken form in the form of this anthology as an ode to all those who struggle with gender identities, sexualities, and acceptance of oneself.

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